Subsea Survey - serving the maritime community


HARPY and rib

15m workboat with island wheelhouse, sterndoor, dive platform with ladder.

6.5m rib


rov jw


  • Sonars
    • Mechanical Scanning Sonars
    • Sidescan Sonars
    • Multibeam Sonars
  • Magnetometers
    • Seaspy magnetometer (Overhauser)
    • Aquascan magnetometer (Proton)
  • Gradiometers
    • MarineMagnetics gradiometer (Overhauser)
  • Sub-meter and sub-cm position information options available on the water
  • Field computer equipment, GPS/RTK (base and rover).
  • Post processing equipment


Recent Work:


  • hardhat diver

Checking outfall of power station, Cork



Ile de Brehat

Supporting cable-laying operations off siouth coast, 2015.


hardhat diving2


Hardhat diving - inspection of outfall piping.